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The Best Catholic Writing 2007

August 5th, 2007

BCWThis year’s edition of Best Catholic Writing has just been published. Editing this book has been one of my favorite projects at Loyola Press in the past year. What do editors do? Well, this editor gets to read sharp, surprising prose from the Catholic world almost every day, and then make a judgment about what’s “the best.” My judgment is fallible, of course, and I was assisted by others, similarly fallible. But I make no apologies for the choices for Best Catholic Writing 2007. The book is full of great writing.

The best writers include Ron Hansen, Robert Ellsberg, Dawn Eden, John Allen, Philip Jenkins, as well as the Pope. I included several Protestant and Orthodox writers because they write superbly with a sacramental, incarnational perspective that is properly called “Catholic.” (One of them, Rod Dreher, gave the book an excellent review on his widely-read blog.) Click here to see our final choices. You can buy the book here.

To celebrate, I’m going to link to several of the pieces in the book this week, and explain why I think they are exceptional.


  1. Fred wrote,

    Peter Leithart has a great sensibility - and Catholics would do well to read his writings on the Bible, Shakespeare, culture, etc.

    Comment on August 25, 2007 @ 9:19 am

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