• I Am in a Long Term Relationship

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    In fact I am not quite sure how it happened to be perfectly honest. The entire thing is surprising, especially the fact that I managed to get this girl in the first place. She is really the whole package when you think about it. She has a very good job as an office manager, even though she is only 24 years old. She is smart and she is pretty much gorgeous. There is the fact that she is quite concerned about sexual health in relations with me. It is something any intelligent person should think about, because obviously you have to be concerned about the long term implications of a mistake in this area. Now of course like most men I am not really keen on condoms, even though I am absolutely aware of their necessity. It is something that you have to employ, in particular when you are not in a long term relationship. The great thing about this is how much easier it is than going out and trying to meet girls in bars. Some people think it would be boring, but I never really loved getting shot down or waking up with a girl who was drunk when she went to bed with you. That can really be awkward to say the least. Obviously there is a skill to this, but you know who you are dealing with. In this case I know that she likes sex, but she likes it on her own terms. In fact she likes to be in complete control, which I found a little odd at first. Now I have decided that it is something that I can use to my advantage. You have to be subtle and you have to figure out what her mood is like, but in the end I know she wants it too.

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