Breaking to Breathe - Book One - Lisa N Paul

Breaking to Breathe - Book One

By Lisa N Paul

  • Release Date: 2016-10-14
  • Genre: Contemporary
Our rating: 5/5 stars

4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 120 Ratings)

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Breaking to Breathe - Book One Lisa N Paul ebook - epub

This sexy, steamy contemporary romance will leave you yearning for more. Which is perfect since this is the first book in the Charistown series.

Pain can leave even the strongest of people weak and hollow. But when fate brings two weak souls together, will the love they find mend the fragments that are barely holding them together, or will the weight of their past finally cause them to crumble? Max DeLucca has spent seven years trying to forget the betrayal of his past. He lives his life from day to day never looking forward and never looking back. The walls around his heart keep anyone from getting too close and prevent him from feeling too much…until he meets her. Her entire life, Janie Silver searched for the kind of love that wouldn’t leave her broken and more importantly, wouldn't leave her behind. She longs for a love that can heal the wounds of her past and give her the future she knows she deserves. She thought she was looking for something that just didn’t exist…until she meets him. Danny’s on Main is where their story begins. 

A neighborhood bar where strangers become friends, friends become family and some … become lovers … it all started on Thursday Nights.

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  • Breaking to Breathe Book One

    By Ntshdrp24
    This book was honestly so refreshing and enjoyable!! I’m a romantic at heart and this book pulled at my heart strings!
  • Breaking to breathe by Lisa n Paul

    By Ginabug39
    I love it!!! The best read in a while!! Can't wait for next book!!!
  • Breaking to Breathe

    By jra7393
    Great and enjoyable book to read.
  • Breathe

    By A Moffett
    This book brought me to tears, such heartache, sorrow and longing. A fantastic book with all the greatness from an Author. Amazing.
  • Breaking to breathe

    By Sumalati
    Love the love story. This is a stand alone book but it makes you want to hear about the other love stories in the background.
  • Will pull you in!

    By BunnyMommy6
    This book was a great read. A few grammatical errors but not enough to throw you. I couldn't put it down!!
  • Breaking to breathe

    By Hrgal62
    Gripping is all I can say!
  • Breaking to breathe book one

    By Dawnkogie
    Loved this story, couldn't put book down, can't wait to read the rest of the series
  • Breathe book one

    By ABBK8908
    What an amazing heartfelt book about a group of friends who become family. Well written with beautifully tragic backgrounds for each character, it's truly a book you cannot put down.
  • Breaking to Breath #1

    By Svr229
    This book was amazing. I read it in one day. I can not wait to see what other secrets the family has and what is going to happen next. Sue

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