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Best Gift Books this year

It can be tricky to give the gift of fiction, unless you are very clear on the reader’s tastes. Sometimes you read a book and you just know a special someone will love it. Other times you love a book and you’re dying to share it with someone, but aren’t sure who else might like it as much. Here are some fiction books that will make great gifts. They were all published in this decade, too, so they are fresh and new. For the Romantic: Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage by Jennifer Ashley, 2010 Jennifer Ashley is a best-selling author, known widely by romance readers. She writes historical and paranormal romances. In this book, Lady Isabella leaves her no-good husband, which inspires him to turn over a new leaf. He wants her back, and she fights it, but yearns for him as well. Romance, history, scandal, drama…all good things for the romantic in your life!